AST provides services to research and test sites to support the atmospheric science and research community through scientific analysis, engineering, and forecasting.

  • Program management of operational grade weather services for surface observations, upper air measurements, forecasting support, aerodrome support, aircrew weather briefings, and local weather support
  • Operation and upkeep of meteorological equipment: radars, satellite data handling systems, radiometers, computer systems, and routine meteorological equipment
  • Forecasting, Predictive Analysis, ICAO observations, forecast creation and dissemination
  • High-performance teams of degreed and experienced professionals and technicians
  • Data collection, analysis and application from active and passive remote sensors including satellite, radar, lidar, and wind profilers
  • Numerical weather modeling and calibration of ensemble forecasting
  • Human Factors testing associated with meteorological applications
  • Quality Control of observational reporting
  • Documented processes and procedures
  • On-time delivery of weather products
  • Research and Test Support
  • Comprehensive staff support including transition management, recruiting, health and welfare, recurring training, logistics, and reach back support
  • Instrument selection
  • Review of atmospheric programs
  • Instrument installation, modification and operations support; meteorological data collection, archival, scientific analysis, specialized forecasting, and customized engineering support


3100 Monitor Ave, Suite 140
Norman, OK 73070